In Memory

Jerry McGrew

Jerry passed away June 15, 2013 after suffering a series of strokes.

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06/17/13 11:33 AM #1    

Jerry Maclean

Jerry and I played football together in Junior High. He and Ike Pettigrew were by far the two biggest and strongest in our class. Lewis and Clark had good solid teams. Our class, as a whole was small, so Jerry and Ike were our main stays. I can remember Jerry was a down hill runner. He used his size and strength to bull his way through the defense. I remember he was a handful to tackle. It took two of us to block him. When I do think back to my youth, I will never forget those days playing football behind the old Safeway on Admiral and Garrnett. Our classes during 7th grade were in the afternoon. East Central wasn't completed, so we shared the "Old East Central" with the high schoolers. We reported for school around noon and got out late in the afternoon. We walked over to practice fields behind Safeway and beat each other up. As the sun would set, our parents would line their cars up and shine their lights so we could finsh practice. In high school Jerry excelled in football, baseball, and music. He was an outstanding pitcher for East Central.  He was a gifted singer. It was crazy, wonderful time in our lives that I will never forget. Jerry, thanks for the memories.

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