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Robbie Doye

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12/13/10 07:05 PM #1    

Leslie Blevins (French)

When my son was 3 years old we moved to neighborhood above Rolling Hills country club, near Catoosa.  I walk out in our back yard and look over the fence and there is Robbie Doye.  He and his wife were great neighbors.  My son, Collin loved him and would go over and ring the doorbell.  Rob would always come out and play ball with him and all kinds of things.  I was very sad to hear he had passed away of pancreatic cancer.  He was a wonderful guy.


Leslie Blevins French

01/04/11 06:51 PM #2    

Les Barrett

Robbie was a great friend and a truly good person.  We played baseball together and even played in a band in the 9th grade.  One memory that stands out above all others is from the 8th Grade at Lewis and Clark.  During lunch recess one day, we came up with the bright idea that he could sit up on my shoulders so we could walk around for him to peek in classroom windows and make faces.  Was funny for a couple minutes until he slipped off backwards and I felt a snap in my back. We both hit the ground and he was OK...I wasn't.  Broke a vertebrae and ended up in a back brace for a couple months. He felt so bad about it and I was always telling him it wasn't his fault.  He was that kind of guy.  At least we got to laugh about it later.  Rest in peace my friend. 

05/22/11 02:45 AM #3    

Susan Pollock (Graves)

 We lived on the same street growing up.  I used to play with his sister Sally.  Robbie, his mom Lydia and his dad were always so nice to me.  To learn from Leslie's post that he died of pancreatic cancer makes me so sad.  My husband recently passed of the same disease. 

07/17/11 12:27 PM #4    

Mark Hedden

Robbie was probably the one of the best friends I've ever had.  We had a lot of good times in High School and we also went to school at Ouachita Baptist Universtiy with Eddy Leugemors.  I roomed with Robbie in College on the third floor with the basketball players.  We were the only people on the third floor other than basketball players.  Not sure how that happened but I'm pretty sure Robbie had a lot to do with it.  That was Robbie, He always did the best he could for everyone and seemed to make the impossible happen alot.  Most of my memories of Robbie were very good ones even though they were a very long time ago.  I could tell you about all the times we had on the swim team, girl friends and family and all.  Robbie loved life, he loved having a good time and some of the best times of my life were with him.  I miss you old buddy..  I'll see you again some day. 

09/13/11 11:52 AM #5    

Franklin Champlin

I have no memories of Robbie ever not being around. We were friends at East Central Elementary School, Boy Scouts, sports, activities I have blocked out of my mind for the purposes of self preservation, and we ended up roomies for a time at Okie State in old Bennett Hall. We could and did watch baseball games by shoving desk chairs out our window and sitting on the roof of an adjoining wing looking right down into Allie Reynolds baseball stadium. We did this without an ice chest full of beer because drinking was not tolerated in Stillwater in the 70s. We all knew that Robbie played some chords on the 6-string guitar, but I came home one afternoon and he had on old ornate beer stein I had liberated from my days as a fry cook at the Zuider Zee Salmonellosis Restaurant & Oyster Mortuary sitting up in a window. He was looking at it with pencil in hand and sketchbook in lap. I was well into graduate school some years later and still seeing people on campus in old T-shirts with that intricate logo he had designed that afternoon plastered on their fronts. I am not aware of many things that Robbie did not do well. Making me laugh my ass off was one of his specialties. I was living out of state and regret not hearing about his death in time to attend his service.  R.I.P. Robbie.

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