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Steve Behles

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09/30/11 09:02 AM #1    

Dan Dyer

I had many classes with Steve my junior and senior year at EC. 

Steve was a nice guy and a very interesting guy. 
I liked Steve and enjoyed his company. 
Years later, Steve came to work at the company I work for.   
He was a very skilled journeyman craftsman and welder.   
He was always a bit high strung, and He very much enjoyed telling tall tails.  
Steve always had a smile and a kind word, and he was well liked by all.  
We worked together for nearly 10 years.  
The guys who worked closely with Steve in the shop nick named him "Buff Daddy" for his handsome good looks and his high opinion of himself.  
Steve had fun were ever he went, with whom ever he was with.  
A few months before his death He shared with me that he was having family troubles and that is was driving him over the edge.  
The report we got on Steves death were that he had gone a little nutz and had gone wondering around for days in the woods near Ponca City. 
He was found suffering from dehydration and exposure.  
We were told he died from heart failure as a result.   
No one I know actually knows the circumstances that caused this.
He didn't deserve that, and it was a very un-fitting end to a very bright and talented guy. 
I miss ole “Buff Daddy”, and will I hold fond memories of Steve Behles.

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